Sewer Scope Inspections

In Lansing, East Lansing, Flint, Jackson & Tri County Area

Sewer scope inspections are essential tools for thoroughly assessing the condition of a property’s sewer lines. By using advanced camera technology, home inspectors can navigate through the underground pipes, revealing any hidden defects or potential issues that could affect the property’s plumbing system. These inspections provide homeowners with invaluable information regarding the integrity of their sewer lines, enabling them to address problems proactively and avoid costly repairs or emergencies down the line.

Additionally, sewer scope inspections offer peace of mind to both homebuyers and sellers by providing an objective evaluation of the property’s sewer infrastructure. For sellers, conducting a sewer scope inspection prior to listing the property can help identify and address any existing issues, thereby enhancing the marketability of the home. Similarly, for homebuyers, including a sewer scope inspection as part of the overall inspection process ensures transparency and allows for informed decision-making regarding the purchase.

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