Mercury Testing

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What if mercury does spill? It is always best to safely remove mercury-containing items before they break or spill. Check out the MDCH fact sheets “Is Your Home Mercury Free?” and “Get Rid of Mercury Safely” for more information. If mercury is spilled:

• Do NOT vacuum or sweep.

• Get people and pets out of the room.

• Open all windows and doors that go to the outdoors in the room where the mercury is spilled.

• Close all air returns, vents, and registers in the room.

• Cover the spill area with plastic.

• Close all doors that go to the rest of the house in the room where the mercury spilled.

• Isolate the area until cleanup crew arrives or cleanup is complete.

Mercury Testing: We Can Help

Even after a professional cleanup, there’s a chance residual mercury vapor might linger. To ensure your complete safety, we offer mercury testing services. Our qualified technicians can assess the air quality in your home and identify any remaining traces of mercury with the Lumex RA-915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer, widely accepted as the most accurate and sensitive mercury vapor analyzer. This provides peace of mind and allows you to confidently return to your living space.

By following these steps and calling for help immediately, you can significantly reduce your exposure to mercury and ensure a safe and effective cleanup. We’re here to assist you throughout the process, from initial spill response to post-cleanup testing.

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